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S1. E24. Lake George Festival

July 21, 2021


Alexander Lombard, Roger Kalia, and Barbora Kolarova join us to discuss the founding of the Lake George Music Festival, the inner mechanics of running the festival, and recruiting and selecting musicians that contribute to the close knit community they have built. They share a number of strategies for engaging community members, from housing musicians with avid festival attendees to offering balanced and diverse programming that exposes every listener to music outside their comfort zone. They provide some background on the festival’s role in renovating a new performance venue in Lake George, and the role that the village plays in shaping the festival experience.


Since first opening its doors in 2011, the Lake George Music Festival has brought emerging young talent and celebrated artists from 27 countries to Lake George, the “Queen of American Lakes”, situated in picturesque upstate New York. This festival is transformative not only because it attracts so many world-class performers and composers, but also because its organizers make it a priority to cultivate an invigorating spirit of cooperation and camaraderie among the musicians, local residents, and summertime visitors. As one of the nation’s foremost classical music artist retreats, the Lake George Music Festival upholds a mission to advance music, re-imagine the concert experience, and build audiences for the 21st Century through artistic integrity and innovation.


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