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S1. E11. Pascal le Boeuf

Jan 20, 2021


Pianist-composer Pascal le Boeuf joins the Soundweavers team to discuss how he uses composition to prioritize human connections through music and resonating with others by identifying their musical values. He chats with us about living between the realms of new music and jazz (and what does jazz really mean?) and the process of pursuing a Grammy award. We speak about embracing social engagement and using music to communicate that which needs to be conveyed, the power of empathy and communication for successful professional relationships, and the brain candy known as polyrhythms.


Described as "sleek, new" and "hyper-fluent" by the New York Times, Pascal Le Boeuf is a Grammy nominated composer, pianist, and producer whose works range from modern improvised music to cross-breeding classical with production-based technology. He is widely recognized for his polyrhythmic approach to chamber music and hybridization of disparate idioms.

Pascal’s latest project imaginist is a full-length album collaboration between the JACK Quartet and the Le Boeuf Brothers Quintet (co-led by Remy Le Boeuf). The 9-piece hybridized chamber ensemble was praised by the New Yorker for "clearing their own path, mixing the solid swing of the jazz tradition with hip-hop, indie rock, and the complex techniques of classical modernism". Recent projects include “Media Control” recorded by Hub New Music, “Imp in Impulse” recorded by Barbora Kolářová, “Into the Anthropocene” featuring violist Jessica Meyer and cellist Dave Eggar, “Alpha” recorded by cellist Nick Photinos (Eighth Blackbird) on New Amsterdam Records, “Transition Behavior” recorded by the Shattered Glass String Orchestra, and “Empty Promise” an award-winning short film in collaboration with Four/Ten Media, Goldfeather and Robby Bowen.


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